Http:// – El Paso County Regional BUILDING PERMIT site. Check on building permits drawn on specific address and their status.
    Http:// – Colorado Springs police online address list of addresses of busted METH LABS in El Paso and Teller counties.
    Http:// – InspectOne Professional Home Inspections – Click on ‘scheduling.’ You will be contacted with a price quote and the available times to best fit your needs. 719-481-5640
    Http:// – The Colorado Geoligical Survey provides the Colorado Springs Landslide Susceptibility Map report. This sites features information and maps of other regional hazards also.
    Http:// – Gazette serieres addressing DOWNTOWN PUBLIC SAFETY
    Http://719-520-7878 – El Paso County Solid Waste Management Permanet Househould Chemical Waste Collection Facility – open year round- Appointment Only- EL PASO and TELLER COUNTY contact for disposal of HAZARDOUS MATERIALS like paint and related products, lawn, garden and household chemicals, household products, Automotive products, expired medications, fireworks, ammunition, propane cylinders
    Http:// – Free to consumers, helps you find properties that are bank-owned and ones that go into forclosure.
    Http:// – Allows you to check for SEX-OFFENDERS by zip code, type in a zip code the website pulls up the names of those registered in that area. You can then click on the names and see their address, all past convictions, and physical description. Provides information of those in system.
    Http:// – Compare your current school with your next one.