A Most Trusted and Knowledgeable Realtor

You are a most trusted and knowledgeable realtor! Through the 3 transactions you’ve helped us through, everything went very smoothly and “without a hitch”. We appreciated your blatant honesty (i.e. “offer full price or you’ll lose this house, it’s only been in the market 4 days”; “if you want to sell this house you have to do the following 23 items on this list to improve it first”, etc.). The two family members I sent to you were also very pleased with your services. Especially my parents, when you helped them through their transaction, when on the walk through on closing day, the house was flooded! (By the way, Patti-you should see all the things they’ve done to their place, it is almost completely redone, including landscaping, etc.)So, does this mean no more pads of paper? BTW we all missed the calendar last year!!Thanks for all your help, and IF we ever sell and/or buy again, we will call you. I will also send people your way any chance I get.