Always There For Us

Patti was there for us through our entire house buying process. She was there in the beginning for two people who had never bought a house before and could not fathom what it would involve. She was there through the trying middle, as we went from house to house searching for the right one almost every weekend (in the winter, in Colorado, often witha 2 year old in tow). Patti was there at closing, holding our hands through the paper signing procedure.But the most amazing part of the Patti Farley-Barker home buying experience? Four months after closing, as unexpected things come up she is still there helping us. Out of the blue we got a notice asking for where our permit was for our new roof – we were told we had 15 days to present the permit or else. I thought this must be a mistake; our new house had a new roof put on a year before we purchased it. I was frantic. On the phone she put my mind at ease. 1 working day after I called Patti seeking her help, she emailed us back with every permit ever taken out on our house (including the one for our roof). Now that’s what we call customer service! In short, we recomment Patti Farley-barker to anyone looking to purchase a home in the El Paso County region.