Greetings all you folks out there considering a move or a purchase or both!
Our choice for a realtor when it was time, a couple of months ago, to sell our townhome and buy a stand alone home was made simple by a neighbor who knew Maria Roberts. We met Paul at the end of our home buying experience. He was just in the process of joining the team.
We called Maria, and we were knee deep in work, decisions, discussions and document signing.
We could get detailed with all that Maria did for us, but these times call for simple, truthful talk.
She is the best listener. She is caring and thoughtful and knowledgeable! She is thorough.
We are older home buyers. We thought our last move was our last, but no…it was time to make one more move to a better place.
Maria was our ticket to that end. And she made us feel appreciated and capable during what can be a very stressful time.