Buyer and Seller Issues and Concerns


    Http:// – Fast track scheduling for home inspections. Click on ‘scheduling.’ You will be contacted with a price quote and the available times to best fit your needs. 719-481-5640 – El Paso County Solid Waste Management Permanet Househould Chemical Waste Collection Facility – open year round- Appointment Only- EL PASO and TELLER COUNTY contact for disposal of HAZARDOUS MATERIALS like paint and related products, lawn, garden and household chemicals, household products, automotive products, expired medications, fireworks, ammunition, propane cylinders
    Http:// – Information regarding Househould Hazardous Waste Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment Hazardous Materials Division 1-888-569-1831
    Http:// – BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU of SOUTHERN COLORADO phone: 719-636-1155 toll free: 866-206-1800 fax: 719-636-5078 25 N. Wahsatch Colorado Springs, CO 80903
    Http:// – POLYBUTYLENE Plumbing 1-800-392-7591
    Http:// – Compare your current school with your next one.