Http:// – El Paso County Regional BUILDING PERMIT site. Check on building permits drawn on specific address and their status.
Http:// – InspectOne Professional Home Inspections – Click on ‘scheduling.’ You will be contacted with a price quote and the available times to best fit your needs. 719-481-5640
Http://719-520-7878 – El Paso County Solid Waste Management Permanet Househould Chemical Waste Collection Facility – open year round- Appointment Only- EL PASO and TELLER COUNTY contact for disposal of HAZARDOUS MATERIALS like paint and related products, lawn, garden and household chemicals, household products, automotive products, expired medications, fireworks, ammunition, propane cylinders
Http://Avg Value Return % Home Improvement – TwoFloridaStateUniversity professors teamed with the National Association of Realtors to survey 29,000 home sales between Jan 96 and Mar 03 to calculate the average amount each improvement added to the home’s value. Improvements that had the most return when reselling: 1. Extra bathroom (full): 24.1 % 2. Extra bathroom (partial): 15 % 3. Oversize garage: 13.8 % 4. One- or two-car garage: 12.9 % 5. Central air conditioning or fireplace: 12% 3.04